Who We Are

Cohous was established in 2007. Cohous develops digital projects and mainly produces solutions for corporate companies. With an experienced technology and design team, every project from the design stage to the final stage is produced in itself, and services that require continuity are carried out with its team. The harmonious management team consists of people with many years of corporate life.


“Offers experiences that inspire”


To create digital projects that are innovative, high quality, distinctive and designed with different perspectives.

Strategic priorities

• To create new and more comprehensive projects.
• Making an overwhelming impression in the international market with our collaborations in the USA and the Europe.
• To increase our success by continuing to create digital projects that appeal to national and international markets.

Uğur Tuncel




İKSV Mobil

It is a mobile application where İKSV publishes cultural and artistic events. It is included in the “Best new apps” list in the App Store.

Yangın Var

The game revolves around the “Tulumbacılar” who were the firemen of the Ottoman Empire. 4 weeks in the # 1 free app category in Turkey took place.

Güneşli Günler

It is the Facebook game we produced for the Bioderma brand. It has been chosen as “Best Practice” by Bioderma Global within its digital marketing activities.